What some of my clients say:

Translation: “After just a few conversations with Mikaela I’ve gone from not knowing what I want to do in my career to having a whole vision and knowing how to get you. She is also great at helping you find your strong sides and what you are most passionate about, and how to use them Recommend anyone who has a hard time knowing what they want to do or needs a little guidance, to (get) help (from) her!”

“I’ve been working on personal development with the Mikology for three months now, the training has been very helpful to me in numerous ways as I was overcoming some very difficult experiences and I’m also starting out with my own business. The Mikology sessions differ from talking therapy as you’re provided with specific insights on how your mindset holds you back, practical tools to neutralise any unhelpful or limiting thoughts and support to actively move closer towards desired outcomes. The sessions are dynamic and tailored to your specific circumstances or areas in which you’ll find the most benefit. Speaking with The Mikology is always a refreshing re-frame of mindset providing positive, constructive energy to support the foundations required to achieve my goals and objectives. Highly recommended!”

— Lorena, London, UK